Money Mindset Miracles

Welcome to Money Mindset Miracles! The purpose of this training is not only to clean up your money energy and mindset and help you to come into alignment with your naturally abundant nature but also to move towards harmonizing in other areas in your life. The way I see it is the way you do money is the way you do everything. 

If you're having issues in relationships, communication or self worth you'll see that in your financials as well and vice versa. While this course is geared towards improvement on financial energy know that you'll be presented with all kinds of opportunities to understand, clear and expand in all kinds of areas!! 

This course is set up to be completed in a 3 month time frame, though go at your own pace as that is ALWAYS the aligned path. Of course if you find yourself avoiding it look into it and ask why avoid it? Is it because it's not in alignment to you or because you have a fear of what might happen if you do this work. Sometimes we have a fear of success and abundance! 

I recommend that you mark your calendar and pop in once or twice weekly to focus on your money energy. 

Enjoy and feel free to join the money miracles Facebook group if you feel called. Head down to the bottom of the page for the energy clearing instructions and money success kit.


  • WEEK 1
  • WEEK 2
  • WEEK 3
  • WEEK 4


Energy Clearing


Vibe Up

Guided Meditation


  • WEEK 5
  • WEEK 6
  • WEEK 7
  • WEEK 8

Energy Clearing


Vibe Up

Guided Meditation

EFT template

Template for clarity/ uncovering

I can’t clear my own money blocks


  • WEEK 9
  • WEEK 10
  • WEEK 11
  • WEEK 12

Energy Clearing


Vibe Up



Prayer/ protocol for new empowering belief for you to read to anchor in the new program:

It is commanded to replace these programs with empowering programs and beliefs that propel me down my highest potential timeline and help me to recognize and expand my Divine value and role. Thank you. ​

FAQ about 8D shifts

If you’re into it you can also follow up your  8D energy shifts with some ‘mmm’ sounds in your mid-brain. Simply make a mmm sound focusing on your mid-brain or listen and ‘sing along’ with the video. This helps to reinforce the new program in your subconscious (mid-brain)

Tapping when money feels heavy or fearful/ lack

When you're feeling overwhelmed...

  • Braindump all that is in there
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Eat/ hydrate and self care (fuel up to hustle)
  • Delegate
  • Create action plan
  • Release the need to do it all/ be a martyr
  • Breathe into your heart
  • Tune into Higherself for direction/ support
  • When you feel like you need to take action...

    • Declutter and clean something
      Declutter Email/ Electronic
      Watch a comedy and raise your vibe
      Practice self care or self nourishment
      Connect to your higher self for guidance
      Create a vision boad
      Help someone/ donate something
      Go for a walk/ movement and tune into your body
      Put all electronics away and do what you feel guided to