Weekly Personal Mastery and Divine Embodiment Group

You have the gifts you need to find your way, to heal yourself and to embody more of your Divine essence. To rise above the daily grind and find a new way to integrate your light into your life. You have within you a Rescue Goddess ready to get to work and show you the way.

You just need to remember to call  her.

Join our weekly group call
Tune in every week to gain clarity, focus and flow on your path, your purpose, your potential all with the help of your Rescue Goddess, your own intuition and your expanding self knowledge. 

It is so easy as we move through our lives to get caught in the fog of 'what is' . So easy to get caught up in feeling lost, like we're not quite doing all we can. Like we can no longer see the path in front of us or shine our light as brilliantly as we know we can.

Yet when we remember to tune into ourselves, understand our journey and lessons and accept the Rescue Goddess Divine knowledge and healing that is within us, that fog can begin to release and we see with clarity who we really are again. More than that we FEEL who we really are again and can take aligned action. 

Each week we work with the specific energy coming up, we examine our resistance and release it as a group and individually. We welcome in clarity and understanding about our path and Soul Map and bring out more of our light, self acceptance and power so we can take on the week with our Rescue Goddess by our side. 

Fall Call Subscription

Get access to 12 calls (Oct - Dec)

Calls begin October 2, 2018 and are held live every Tuesday at 9am EST. Recordings available directly after. 

Call Only

Get access to the weekly call and recordings.

$40 USD Monthly for 3 Months 


Join the Sacred Library and visit the 'BONUS ACCESS' page to save $40!

Your Path is Yours to Create

By taking a consistent step in your personal growth you are less likely to get tripped up and more likely to remember who you are and act accordingly.   

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