Sacred Library Access 

For women ready to co-create their lives from a place of intuition, compassion, purpose, potential and power.

Set your intention for your highest level potential & Soul happiness 

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Spiraling Spiritual Expansion

We are all on a deeply spiritual journey and for those of you healing and expanding, this is your new home base. 

A central place where you can access high quality, high vibration healing meditations, shamanic journeys, spiritual teachings, self-awareness, 8D shift energy healing and more. 

Where you can connect with a sisterhood of supportive, figuring it out as we go Souls who share your fascination with moving towards a deep level of love, joy and fulfillment, healing and expansion in this lifetime. 

Connect to who you truly are, expand into your unique brilliance.

This is me, giving you full permission to get your spiritual on. To learn and flow as you feel called to. To understand yourself and really truly love and accept every magnificent piece. We have held this in, repressed it and chained it up for far too long. The time to open our gifts is NOW. 

Develop your intuition and energy worker skills

Heal and understand yourself on a deeper level

Explore and have fun, fully supported by your sisters

Your magick, alchemy and self-healing are all within!  

Every single piece you need!! This is very exciting and why I focus my videos and healings around teaching you to do what I do and learning about all the options you have so that you can follow your Soul's calling and understand how you can uniquely self heal. 

From connecting with guides, energies, yourself. Traveling deep within the subconscious and through dimensions and timelines you will find yourself witnessing and expanding more than you thought possible, and throughout it you will also discover how amazingly capable and powerful you are. 

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    Your are infinitely powerful, creative and magical. This I know for sure, or you would not have read this far. 
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    You are ready to take radical responsibility for your life and create what you desire from your place of personal power
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    You are a badass mother and see the potential that looking within and following your intuition can bring

Enough with thinking you need to look outside yourself for the answers and healing.

Dropping a couple thousand dollars on a healer or course is fabulous, but on a consistent, sustainable basis you need something that nourishes you. Something that gives you back whatever you put into it x10. You need a deep connection to yourself! Investing in yourself is something that is meant to feel good, not feel like you HAVE to or SHOULD. 

There will come a time when you do feel like an outside perspective or a healing package treat is ideal, but the key here is not dependency. That is dis-empowering. I encourage you to ALWAYS empower and look for the answers within first.

You create your story and you have the best vantage point for seeing where you want to go next. 



Here is what is included in membership. Also later you will see the price and say, this can't be real. It is real, and get ready to ask that question a lot. Your spiritual journey is about to get hella awe-inspiring. 

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    New Monthly 8D Shift Clearing or Gaia Code Activation and Shamanic Journey: As awesome as it sounds and better. Work on specific themes each month based on what is best for the group. A combo of my energy healing magick and your personal journey.
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    Sacred Library Access Video Teaching: Get access to my spiritual teaching, from Akashic Records to Chakras, from guides to self forgiveness. If you want more details on this scroll to the bottom of this page where I've laid it all out.
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    Sacred Library Access Energy Awareness and Healing: In addition to the new healing and journey you will get access to a library of 20 shamanic journeys/ guided energy healing meditations and 7 8D shifts with more added as I'm called. Again, scroll to the bottom for details.

Value of all of this (seriously, and easily) $2500+

Witness your gifts open and expand as you expose yourself to this energy and support

EXTRA BONUS!! I can't stop adding content to this site!!

Now available Money Mindset Miracles 3 Month Course & Intuitive Development for Business 4 Week Course! 

Want some feedback from my clients? 

"I am Happier Than I Have Ever Been in My Entire Life."

"Words cannot express the life changing experiences that came about as a result from working with Tracy Gaudet. I came to her after wanting and not finding the love of my life for several years. I had lost my purpose and knew I had gifts to share with the world, but confused about what that looked like. I had a dream of becoming a wife and mother but despaired over this as I hadn’t found the one for me. I felt blocked, stuck, frustrated and burnt out when I came across her page on Pinterest. I had NO idea how much my life would change as a result. Tracy is so kind, so gracious and SO divinely guided she is an absolute game changer. Within a few weeks of working with her I was going on dates and in less then three months I was with the man I now call my husband. Within those same months I knew I wanted to become a love coach and guide other women who were lost like me. I have no doubt without Tracy as my guide and without her amazing skill set, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you Tracy!


Darcy Iverson

Love Coach

"Made a Huge Impact on Me and the Path I'm on"

"I could feel the work with Tracy begin before our call even started. Within minutes of our session I was amazed by how accurate and spot on her reading was. She used her incredible gifts to guide and heal in a way I have never experienced before! Tracy's mindful and comforting demeanor kept me feeling safe and protected while she uncovered some blocks that I *knew* existed on some level but couldn't see or move past on my own. The insights provided during my session were super helpful and assisted me in releasing fears that were holding me back. This combined with Tracy's healing gifts made a huge impact on me and the path I'm on. I'm still feeling the effects of Tracy's work days later!"

Jessica Thenhaus

Business Coordinator

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"Jump in and Join this Program!"

"Ladies y'all need to jump in and join this program! After just a few weeks of working with Tracy I've got so much more connected with my intuition and it's making what was frustrating me in my business flow so much easier!"

Lynn Doak

Success Coach for Lightworkers

"Healer, a Psychic, a Technical Genius"

"I'd like to give a shoutout to someone wonderful today - Tracy Gaudet. For those of you who don't know her, she is a woman of many Divine talents. She is a healer, a psychic, a technical genius (but of course she's way more than the sum of those 3 attributes.) ...."

Nicola Sherlock

Shamanic Healer and Life Coach

BTW, if you are wondering who the hell I am, hi, I'm Tracy. 

The life and happiness alchemist.  I help empower you to step into your true, happy, expansive self. To see things from a new perspective, to embrace your own spiritual gifts and use them to enrich your business and your life.

To get to know yourself and feel that inner happiness from within that has the potential to change EVERYTHING. I focus on reading and clearing the energetic side (subconscious, past life, subtle patterns) that are keeping you feeling stuck in your life and business and get you the practical steps to move forward into your expansive, magical self.

You can learn more about me at tracygaudet.com or checkout my Happiness Alchemy Podcast.

READY TO GO? Let's do this. 
Secure your space below for $22USD/ monthly

Cancel whenever. No obligations, only expansion.

Here it is for those of you that need all the details before moving on to shut up and take my money (I appreciate that because I am one of those women)

I mentioned above you get access to a sacred library of guided meditations and shamanic journeys. This is every growing. At present these are available:

1111 Lightbody activation
Ancestral clearing with St.Germain
Access Akashic Records
Detach from Collective Stress
Release Stress and Expand Peace
Secure Your Energy and Re-Source
Transpersonal Chakras and Divine to Earth Connection
Expand Your Abundance Container
Releasing energy of Disappointment and Accepting Self-Forgiveness
Crown and Third Eye Chakra Expansion for intuitive growth

Move to your highest potential timeline

Access Divine connection within

Releasing procrastination blocks in the Akashic Records

Shamanic Journey to release resistance and awaken gifts
Uncovering aspects of yourself that are hidden and ready to come forward in 2018
Reconnecting and Activating your energy healing gifts with the Full Moon

Ground and nourish with Mother Earth and feel your power
Allow yourself to flow
Feeding your solar plexus from the Central Sun to increase your personal power
Connect to your inner Shaman

I also mentioned a library of sacred spiritual teaching (in a super practical way) below is currently available and more to come!

EFT Tapping to uncover belief patterns, heal them and release trauma.
Akashic Records to connect deeply with your Soul and history and clear energy blocks
Shamanic Awareness and Healing to go deep into your subconscious for insight and healing

Chakras, transpersonal chakras  

7 dimensions
Manifesting beyond the law of attraction

Series on intuitive development

Align to passive income

Organizing, time management and delegations (yup, this can be spiritual) 

Ancestral Energy

Past life Energy

Collective energy
Inner child



Oh wait! I also said I would include my 8D Shift energy healings too. Gawd, this is a generous! Include as soon as you register are these 8D Shifts.

There is a mild money theme here you may notice, as we align to more abundance and prosperity we tend to clean up many other areas as we go.

Release resistance to Intuition

Release self-doubt

Release anger and frustration

Release martyr archetype energy

Detach from debt

Release victim archetype

Release blame and shame

Money block release

Also now included Gaia Code Activations! This is the only exclusive place you can get access to Gaia Code Activations (other than my workshops and private mentorship) Currently there are 2 Gaia Code Actvivation sets available on in the Library


1. Agility Waves

Helps with required transmutation to cleanse, heal and release old energy/ programs in order to replace with new codes of Golden consciousness. Helps smallest cellular level to engage in the flow of transmutation and welcome in the new.

2. Gaia Unity Consciousness

Expands awareness and appreciation of interconnection of nature and humans. Transforms this awareness with love into personal power and momentum. Aligned actions to incorporate and expand unity within and with out.

3. Respecting Conservation Requirements

Expands emotional value of time off, boundaries, balance and transmutes burn out. Alignment of Soul pace and accountability to purpose, potential through self-respect.

4. Awareness of Divine Access

Communication and co-operation with nature realms. Puts your chief Golden consciousness nature spirits into your awareness and helps to harness your earth magick abilities. Aligns your heart and desires to that of Gaia's.

5. Curation of Desired Outcome Energy

A manifesting booster! Cultivate the energy on your desired outcome on the most intricate yet broad level. This helps to magnetize your highest vibration desires and activates your action center to move towards fulfillment and joy.

6. Yin-Yang Balanced Motivation

Motivates you to take action on desires and transmutes resistance while activating visions of your potential. Aids in development of dreams and desired outcomes from sustainable energetic standpoint.

7. Girl on Fire

This adorable activation is led by a powerful Earth angel to transmute doubts, activate potential, joy, laughter and fun while taking action on desires. Moving forward with balanced masculine and feminine flow.


(8) 1 Abundance of the Ages

Activates memories and energies of wealth. What it feels like to be abundant AND benevolent. Activates creativity, Divine inspiration for your wealth path of least resistance.

(9) 2 Flowers in Bloom

Activates awareness of Divine worth and gifts. Alignment to Soul level creations that manifest abundance

(10) 3 Money Coming Out Your Ears!

Activates your clairsenses to awaken and signal you to paths of wealth potential. Also deters you from shiny object syndrome and moving down mis-aligned paths.

(11) 4 Priestess of the Earth

Activates awareness of stability, security, heart, crown and solar plexus connection to the Earth. Expanding energetic intention into Earth and 2nd dimension to rearrange molecules, creating miraculous wealth co-creation when grounded and connected to the Earth.

(12) 5 Essentials

Activates abundance frequencies ensuring grand sense of appreciation for essentials (like air and water) that are provided in life. Expands perception and gratitude for what you do have, to draw in more.

(13) 6 Green Goddess

Aligns subconscious for when you see the color green, to signal more money is coming to you. Encourages you to get out in nature, surround yourself with plants and images of nature to harness and harvest abundance energy.

(14) 7 Sparrow of Peace

Brings in a sweeping energy of peace, patience and higher perspective to all situations pertaining to self worth. Allows you to rise above ans see the bigger picture of wealth consciousness.

Are you kidding me? All of this is 22 bucks a month? You'll find I am seriously committed to spreading this message, so ya. It's real. 

READY TO GO? Let's do this. 
Secure your space below for $22USD/ monthly

Cancel whenever. No obligations, only expansion.